What we do

Sports Performance


We can help you realise your full potential through our Sports Performance services.

Our experienced therapists work with amateur sports enthusiasts and professional athletes including cyclists, runners, swimmers, climbers, golfers, tennis players and kayaking professionals. 

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  • Yoga for Athletes

    More and more professional athletes are incorporating various styles of Yoga into their training regimens. Some styles of yoga are very challenging and can build tremendous stamina and flexibility.

  • Nutrition for Sports

    The intake of nutrients, along with the timing and nutritional balance of meals, is of paramount importance in improving your athletic performance, speeding up injury, recovering from training and protecting against injury and infection.

  • Physio & Acupuncture

    Physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage can all play a key role in preventing and managing injury from sport and exercise at all ages and levels of ability.

  • Remedial and Sports Massage

    Very beneficial for people looking for relief from soft tissue injury and repetitive strain conditions, as well as keeping themselves in peak condition.