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Qi Gong - Workshop

Please join us for Ba Duan Jin (8 Piece Brocade) Qigong workshop.

Ba duan jin is easy to follow and is one of the most well known qigong practices. There are eight movements, focusing on improving your immune system and circulation, strengthening inner organs' function and harmonising qi flow.

This workshop will focus on simple postures and movements that will assist with feeling grounded (present). We will bring our attention to balance and co-ordinating our movements with our breath. 

Movements correspond to specific meridian pathways in relation to our organs to release blockages and improve their function.  This practice will be light hearted in approach to help you relax and awaken to the movement of your own healing qi.

All are welcome (that means beginners too). If Qigong is new to you, please feel free to contact me with your questions. So come along and make some time for yourself to relax and tune in to your qi (chee). See you there! 

Groups are small which helps me to attend to each of you more fully. Usually between 6 - 8 people.


Upcoming Workshops:

Please keep checking this page for upcoming workshops. If Qigong is new to you, please feel free to contact Misty with any questions.


90 mins: £15

Low income concessions available on request.

Private 1-1 sessions are available at £40 per hour. 

This course is run by Misty Eve Hannah. Misty also offers a weekly drop in session in QiGong and private 1-1 sessions. 
Please contact Misty to find out more, or to book onto this workshop.