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Qi Gong - Weekly Sessions

Ba Duan Jin (8 Piece Brocade) Qigong 

Ba Duan Jin dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), it is easy to learn and is one of the most well known qigong practices. There are eight movements, focusing on improving your immune system and circulation, strengthening inner organs' function and tendons, improving bone strength and harmonising qi flow.

According to Chinese medicine the balance of body and spirit is what helps us to maintain our health. Regular practice of Ba Duan Jin helps increase your energy and maintain your overall health and well being. 

All are welcome (that means beginners too). If Qigong is new to you, please feel free to contact me with your questions. 

Groups are small which  means we can tailor the workshop to each of you more fully.
We cap our sessions at 6 - 8 people.
Sessions take place: 
Weekly Saturday evenings 6-7pm  

Drop in for the 60-min sessions on Saturday evenings: £10
You can also pre-pay for a block of 6 Saturday evening classes: £50 (to be used within 3 months)
(please note that it is necessary to book in advance to drop in to a session)

Low income concessions available on request.

Private 1-1 sessions are available at £40 per hour. 

This course is run by Misty Eve Hannah. Misty also offers regular group workshops and private 1-1 sessions. 
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Please contact Misty to find out more, or to book onto this workshop.