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woman%20and%20baby%20web%20photo.JPGWhat is Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal Massage is similar to Pregnancy Massage and is tailored to your individual needs to help you adjust to being a mother.  Each session will involve full consultation, therapeutic massage bodywork, gentle exercises and stretching where appropriate.

KnotStressed Therapies are specialists in Posntatal Massage in Edinburgh. We are also well respected UK-providers of FEDANT-accredited Postnatal Massage Training for therapists.

Why is it important to continue massage postnatally?

During the postnatal period, your body is going through big changes and you need to be careful not to overstimulate it.  The time it takes for your body to return to normal differs for different women and depends on factors such as your general health, the type of pregnancy you experienced, the type of birth, how well you are bonding with your child, the kind of baby you have and how easy you are finding breastfeeding.

It is important that you take care of yourself as well as your baby in the months following childbirth. 

Benefits of Postnatal Massage:

Emotionally and physically the postnatal period can put a great deal of strain on mothers and massage during this time can help to:

  • Give nurturing and emotional support
  • Alleviate the muscle strain of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Promote pelvic floor healing and rebalance the spine and pelvis
  • Restore and normalise abdominal structures
  • Facilitate healing after a Caesarian section
  • Restore normal walking patterns
  • Prevent and reduce back and neck pain caused by newborn care
  • Can aid breastfeeding

Can I bring my baby?

You are welcome to bring your baby to the session so that he/she can lie next to you while you are being massaged.  Alternatively, you are welcome to bring a friend or partner to help care for your baby while you enjoy your massage. Please let us know if you do plan on bringing your baby so that we can make sure you are both very comfortable. Thank you.


  • 60 minutes £50
  • 75 minutes £60
  • 90 minutes £65
  • 2 hours £80

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