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Parent Kind ® 

Parent Kind® is a unique course, designed to increase new mothers’ confidence. The course has been developed and is facilitated by Sarah Wheatley.

During the course, we create a supportive space to explore the changes that have happened, and identify ways to help each person navigate the uncharted waters of parenthood. The course is informed by current research into what best helps new mothers make the adjustment into parenthood and bond with their babies.

The course is very participative and uses a variety of media and exercises to engage people. By the end of the course, new mothers will:

  • feel more confident in their abilities as a parent. have a better understanding of how becoming a parent affects them and their relationships
  • be more able to get what they need to support them at this time (and also have a ready made support network within the group)
  • have a greater awareness of how to develop their relationship with their babies
  • be less likely to become postnatally depressed
  • have a written record of personal learnings from the course

Parent Kind® helps first-time mothers enjoy the experience of becoming a parent more, by creating a safe environment to discuss the emotional changes of new motherhood and by helping develop the parent-infant bond. By the end of the course, new mothers feel less anxious and more confident in their abilities as a parent, leading to more securely attached babies.

The course focuses on issues such as birth stories, relationships, expectations, bodies, and other topics that might help new parents realise that they are ‘good enough.’ Parents with more confidence in their parenting abilities are more able to form good attachments with their babies, which leads to better outcomes for children in later life. A win-win-win situation. The support provided by the Parent Kind ® course can also lessen the likelihood of new mothers developing postnatal depression and anxiety.

The Parent Kind ® course is individually tailored to the participants, and can be delivered in a variety of ways, either to groups, individuals or via Skype.

Group Sessions:

During group sessions, the babies are in the room during the sessions, ensuring that both the mothers and babies get the attention they need. Venues are chosen to be private and comfortable, with great home baking, teas and coffee provided.

Group sessions consist of an initial one-to-one consultation in order to meet the facilitator and so that each course can be tailored to the participants on it, followed by 5 weekly, structured sessions and a group follow up session a few weeks later. The cost is £250 per person, including all materials, with discounts available for groups of 4 or more.

Individual Sessions:

Individual face to face or Skype sessions consist of 5 weekly sessions and a follow up session a few weeks later. The cost is £350, including all materials.

What the Parents Say:

Testimonials from other parents who have done the Parent Kind ® can be read here. Each course is fully evaluated (using validated scales) to make sure that new mothers continue to get what they need from the course.

Upcoming Course:

Next course is on Fridays 15th January to the 12th February 2016, from 10-12am


Sarah runs these relaxed sessions from her home and Tribe Porty in Portobello.


If you would like to take part in a course or would like to know more, please contact Sarah.