What we do

Parent, Baby and Toddler

Come and join in the fun with our much-loved Parent and Baby Courses and Social Groups.

A great way to spend time and make friends – for you and your wee one!

We offer support to parents to help them through all the highs, and lows, of parenting. 

To find out more please browse the links below or contact KnotStressed.

  • Relax and Sing Baby Massage and Yoga

    This is a gentle combination of Baby Massage, Yoga, Shiatsu, Sensory Stimulation, Relaxation and Song - all in one wonderful course! 

  • Baby Signing Edinburgh

    If you want to help reduce frustration (and tantrums) in your wee one, and have a lot of fun along the way, then this is the course for you!

  • Story Massage for Children

    Just imagine how amazing it would be to combine your favourite story or nursery rhyme with massage bringing them together in a fun, creative and enjoyable way

  • Weaning Workshop

  • Baby Kind

    Baby Kind helps you learn more about the unique ways your baby communicates, helping you trust your instincts.

  • Connected Parenting Consultations

    We can help with any parenting challenges from breastfeeding, sleep, weaning, colic and crying to slings, nappies and pushchairs!