What we do

We can provide On-site Indian Head Massage and Acupressure Massage to your employees.  Treatments take place with the client fully clothed, no oils are used, and each treatment can take between 5 and 30 minutes depending on your requirements.

Why offer regular On-Site Massage in the workplace?

With work related stress at an all time high and 120 million days lost to back pain each year costing UK industry in the region of £5bn, there's no better time to implement a pro-active scheme to promote health in the workplace.  On-Site Massage can help you manage the health of your workforce and in so doing help you:

  • Save money by reducing absenteeism
  • Boost morale and motivation at work
  • Create a healthier working environment
  • Relieve employees' back, neck and shoulder pain, stress and tension, repetitive strain injuries, fatigue, headaches and eye strain
  • Increase productivity, sales and overall efficiency of your workforce

How much space is required?

All massages can be conducted in a private meeting room or main working area using on-site chairs.  KnotStressed would co-ordinate the treatments to create the minimum of disruption. 

What insurance is needed?

We are fully qualified, insured and experienced in the delivery of On-site Massage.  We supply consent forms (to be signed by each employee) for every treatment given.

To receive a tailored quote or for more information please contact us.