What we do


We offer a range of support for women and partners who are 'trying to conceive'.

Through helping you to achieve healthy eating, daily relaxation and gentle toning yoga we aim to help you boost your fertility. 

We also have a wonderful monthly support group where you can experience tasters of these services and meet and chat to others in a friendly and welcoming space. 

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  • Mind-Body Relaxation for Fertility

    Find out how relaxation and guided hypnosis can help you work through fertility issues and related anxiety. 

  • Counselling for Fertility Issues

    Counselling can help couples express their fears and anxieties as they negotiate the brave new world of 'trying to conceive'.

  • Nutrition for Fertility

    Find out how Nutritional Therapy for you and your partner can have a profound impact on increasing your likelihood of conceiving.

  • Reproflexology

    This calming treatment can help with fertility issues and relaxation. 

  • Yoga For Fertility

    Women participating in Yoga classes and a relaxation program nearly tripled their chances of achieving pregnancy in a recent study.